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***Important Notice***

Q:I have 12V car battery. Can I purchase your UN2154 Power Supply to convert my computer as car PC?
A:The answer is no unfortunately! The output of your car battery is not stable on 12V. It is actually between 10V to 13V. Therefore, it can not be used with UN2154 Power Supply.

Q:What is car PC power supply? How does it work?
A:We divide car PC power supply into two kinds: the standard PC power supply and the smart one. Standard power supply provides a wide range input mainly. Smart Car PC power supply provides wide rang input too, and on top of that, it also functions such as on/ off the system, battery over draw protection and much more useful features.

Q:Why do I need fanless car PC power supply or fanless system in my car?
A:A smart car PC power supply can auto turn on/off the PC when you turn on/off the car and "smartly" detect the situation of the computer. For some reason, if the MicroSoft windows can't close the system, a samrt power supply will sent out signal to force it turn off. This way can prevent over draw the battery.

We all know that is very easy to get dusty in the car. When the dust builds up in the car PC which happens a lot quicker than in office or home environment, your car PC will malfunction because of overheat. This will not happen if you have a fanless car PC. Even more, you need dusty resistive fanless system in the car.

D2D Fanless Power Supply

Model Dimension Input Output Note
UN2154 86x45x9 mm DC 12V ATX, 200W Fanless, -40°C~90°C
UN3012 49x45x9 mm DC 10~30V 12V, 96W Car PC Power, -40°C~90°C
UN3024 49x45x9 mm DC 20~30V 12V, 96W Car PC Power -40°C~90°C

12V Adapter

Model Dimension Input Output Note
SSA0651-1 110x58x32 mm AC 90~264V 12V, 60W  
FSP084-DMBA1 134x58x32 mm AC 90~264V 12V, 84W  
FSP150-ABH 171x72x40 mm AC 90~264V 12V, 150W  

19V Adapter

Model Dimension Input Output Note
FSP090-1ADC21 134x58x32 mm AC 90~264V 19V, 90W On Sale,$8.00
FSP120-ACC 164.5x61x37 mm AC 90~264V 19V, 120W On Sale,$10.00

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