About Apoint

Apoint Int'l is the leading designer and innovator of the fanless PC. For over 30 years, we have designed fanless computers, fanless panel PCs, and fanless enclosures for all kinds of MB/CPUs. We are also experts on IP67/IP68 system and panel. We take great care to ensure that our fanless systems always provides best in class performance and build quality.

A highly reliable computer is the most critical part of industrial or military equipment. 80% of computer breakdowns are caused by overheating which is primarily due to malfunctioning fans in the computer. Research shows that moving parts, such as fans, break down more frequently than any other part in a PC. The fanless PC or fanless panel PC not only eliminates the PC’s moving parts but is also quieter, dust resistant and water proof. Thus, our fanless PC is a must-have upgrade for industrial use.

In addition to fanless and IP67/IP68 systems, we are proud to announce our latest products: a proprietary Pre-Heat System and a Sun-Heat Block Monitor.

The Pre-Heat System warms the system and monitor to working temperature before usage in cold environments. If the temperature drop below the set point, the Pre-Heat System will automatically turn on to bring the system to appropriate temperature before shutting off again.

The Sun-Heat Block Monitor is for monitors that are primarily used outdoors. When monitors are used under the sun, glass in the monitor magnifies sunlight and quickly causes the monitor’s back light reflection sheet to become deformed. Our displays are specially engineered from a sunlight readable AG glass that blocks sunlight, so the internal panel stays cool even if the outer glass is over 80°C.

Apoint Int’l is dedicated to making the highest quality products. Please inquire about a customized fanless system designed to fit your specific needs and work environment.

Fanless System Manufacturer

Apoint International Co., Ltd. is a reliable Fanless Case and Fanless System Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Slim Computer Case, Mini PC Case, Fanless Power Supply, Panel PC and Com Case with high quality. In addition, we also offer Fanless ITX Box, Car PC Power Supply and DC to ATX Fanless Power Supply. With years of experiences in producing Computer Case, Power Supply and Fanless System, superior quality products are guaranteed. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Fanless PC Case, ITX Case and Industrial Panel PC.

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