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A highly reliable computer is the most crucial part of industrial or military equipment. But what kind of computer is reliable? The fanless system would be the best choice. Since 80% of computers breakdown are caused by overheating which further is caused by death of the fans in the computer. Experiments show that moving parts, such as fans, breakdown more easily than any other parts in a PC. The fanless PC or fanless panel PC not only eliminates the PC’s moving parts but also performs quietly and is dust resistant. Thus, the fanless PC is essentially the one and the only choice for industrial use. 

In the past 10 years, computer performance has improved tenfold. In conjunction with this progress, the system’s power consumption is now ten times that of the old system. Therefore, an increased amount of heat is generated, making the system more prone to overheating because the fan cannot sufficiently cool the system. Thus, it becomes more difficult to production high performance fanless computer. A poorly designed fanless system will not survive in long time use. 

Apoint Int'l is the leading designer of the fanless PC. Based on our gaining valuable experience along the way, we have designed fanless computer, fanless panel PC and fanless enclosure for all kinds of MB/CPU. We are always striving to make the best fanless system. We have the most high performance i3/i5/i7 fanless system in the world. Our Intel® Core™, Haswell family CPU fanless system, the HM568 fanless is small, and light; also, it has the best cooling design in i3/i5/i7 fanless system. How does Apoint do it? Besides the optimal design for excellent heat dispersal, the key component is an efficient fanless D2D power supply. We all know, without a good fanless power supply, it will be a nightmare for fanless PC. Therefore, the UN2154, DC to ATX fanless power supply that we designed, is crucial for our top quality fanless system. Not only is it small, only 40x86 mm (the size of a business card), but it is also the most powerful and efficient D2D power supply in the world. This fanless power supply has a 200 watt output. It has 93% efficiency and can run under -20°C to +85°C conditions without fan. This is the secret to our successful fanless PC

Apoint are dedicated to making our products the best quality it can be. Apoint can custom-make fanless systems and design more powerful power supplies that satisfies your needs.

Fanless System Manufacturer

Apoint International Co., Ltd. is a reliable Fanless Case and Fanless System Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Slim Computer Case, Mini PC Case, Fanless Power Supply, Panel PC and Com Case with high quality. In addition, we also offer Fanless ITX Box, Car PC Power Supply and DC to ATX Fanless Power Supply. With years of experiences in producing Computer Case, Power Supply and Fanless System, superior quality products are guaranteed. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Fanless PC Case, ITX Case and Industrial Panel PC.